Saturday, March 26, 2011

neti pot

I really wanted to share with you the neti pot thingy, but as I started doing research for my final permaculture project I found something of much more interest.

I often use Wikipedia as a dictionary. Some words can't be found in a regular dictionary, or it is just difficult to be so specific about things. So I was looking up open-pit mines and came across two articles: one in Polish, the other in English on the same thing. Generally Polish people are happy with their mining resort and power station and they state it is perfectly safe and pollution free. The English version was rather pessimistic and condemning. I checked the Polish website for the above power station and they were even more positive about their solutions. Hey, they do not even mention CO2 as a threat or output! They state that they protect natural environment and its endangered species.

OK, guys so what is your plan for 2038 when you are running out of coal? Jaysus, they do not even plan for it! Just keep smiling and pat each other's back.

Meanwhile I'll write my project on transition towns and promise to use my neti pot every day.

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