Wednesday, October 31, 2012

halloween night

Last night we were preparing jack-o'-lantern. As you see we acquired a rescue cat (no it is not a Halloween decor) who seem to enjoy every  joint activities in the house and doesn't mind kids too much. It is a she cat, and I think I am developing an allergic reaction to her. 
Have a fun Halloween day in your far-away house!

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Hey it is still October! We have no idea how to get ourselves around it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

naya and the nuts

Thanks to my lovely friend I challenged myself and bought some washable menstruation pads. The idea is so gross for most people that it puts them off in an instant. I am also a bit skeptical or rather rational about the whole thing. But if the kids can wear cotton nappies I can too. At least I can try.

So I got my set at the Natura Food Fair on Sunday (you can buy yours here). 

They are made of organic cotton, all handmade in Poland. Apparently (for now) they look lovely, more like silk lavender scented eye pillows than something you put in between your legs. They come in three different sizes and you can adjust the thickness by removing or adding padding. You place them on your knickers, fold back the sides and snap them together. They sit rather securely and seem very soft.
As the instruction explains there is no way they can leak. 

To go with it I couldn't help myself and bought some soap nuts. The box cost only 18PLN and lasts for up to 70 washes. You can also use them to wash your hair, the dishes or run a dishwasher. As I immediately tested them I can tell you that they work. Put 5-7 nuts in a sock, tie it in a knot, add 2-3 drops of your favourite essential oil, set your temperature, press the button and voila! You get it out clean and scented. How simple, how sustainable! Use your nuts again up to 4 times! 
I love it.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Coop in Łódź

Hi Guys! We are so glad we are here. To be honest we are rediscovering the place again. Relearning street names, routes (it is mainly one way system here), networking, meeting new/old friends. It is so much fun.
I enjoy immensely seeing my ugly old town being still as ugly as 7 years ago. There is such a charm to it. I can easily say this place is just perfect to live for such a hippies like us.
There are three things that makes us believe so:
1 Cooperative
2 Food and Wear Fair Festival that happened this weekend.
3 Friends
There in no need to explain no 3. But no 1 well, there must be something to be said about it.
We have been always involved in some sort of volunteer social movement. And as soon as it combines with food (and organic) it couldn't get any better.
We feel it is such a right thing to do, for us and for the kids. There are some photos of Lucy and Olaf helping at our rota with food weighing and distribution.

So educational.
And we finally know when all our food comes from.

You can join here.

No 2. as it is also food related requires no comments. It was almost as enjoyable as Bristol Harbour Festival which I wrote about here and here.

The diversity of food you can taste, linking back to local producers artisan bakers, breweries/distilleries, cheese mongers and apiaries.  You could spend there all two days, like we did and still didn't get enough.

Also The Wear Fair: clothes swap, sewing machine cafe, recycled lamps and art forms made of bottle tops, recycled bags made of newspapers and bike bags sewn of banners. Inspiring.

Oh and the children drop off point. Splendid!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

last weekend

Yes! We have started. Three carts of prime horse manure loaded and unloaded - all hand work. And no blisters on those hands of mine, just a bit of back pain.

Permaculture paradise is on the way.

And that has to be followed by a proper onsite picnic. Thanks to my mum for cooking those amazing beans.