Sunday, October 14, 2012

Coop in Łódź

Hi Guys! We are so glad we are here. To be honest we are rediscovering the place again. Relearning street names, routes (it is mainly one way system here), networking, meeting new/old friends. It is so much fun.
I enjoy immensely seeing my ugly old town being still as ugly as 7 years ago. There is such a charm to it. I can easily say this place is just perfect to live for such a hippies like us.
There are three things that makes us believe so:
1 Cooperative
2 Food and Wear Fair Festival that happened this weekend.
3 Friends
There in no need to explain no 3. But no 1 well, there must be something to be said about it.
We have been always involved in some sort of volunteer social movement. And as soon as it combines with food (and organic) it couldn't get any better.
We feel it is such a right thing to do, for us and for the kids. There are some photos of Lucy and Olaf helping at our rota with food weighing and distribution.

So educational.
And we finally know when all our food comes from.

You can join here.

No 2. as it is also food related requires no comments. It was almost as enjoyable as Bristol Harbour Festival which I wrote about here and here.

The diversity of food you can taste, linking back to local producers artisan bakers, breweries/distilleries, cheese mongers and apiaries.  You could spend there all two days, like we did and still didn't get enough.

Also The Wear Fair: clothes swap, sewing machine cafe, recycled lamps and art forms made of bottle tops, recycled bags made of newspapers and bike bags sewn of banners. Inspiring.

Oh and the children drop off point. Splendid!

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