Tuesday, July 31, 2012

saying goodbye

Going away is not easy. Leaving so much behind is even more difficult. Saying goodbyes to people, places, objects, houses, friends. A year is just a year, but I have a big feeling of loss. I am really sorry I didn't have a chance to know you better, spend more time with you, share more food with you. Explore more and learn more. But as a friend said land is calling for us. Time to wrap it all up.
Peace to all, love to all.

 Thanks Edgars, for taking these pictures for us. xx

Friday, July 27, 2012


Lavender showed meaningful efficacy in alleviating anxiety and related sleep disturbances (read more here). We'll see about that.

a very beautiful house II

We tend to visit very beautiful houses. This one is absolutely one of them and combined with Californian sunshine and food we were served - just stunning. Thank you Shu & Mike!

 These armchairs were dumped by Welsh Town Council to the skip while refurbishing in the 90s. Would you believe that?!

 Mike is a builder and a lucky guy. While renovating an old building he saved these original 60's beautiful glass bricks from landfill.

Sunday lunch and ice tea, followed by lemony cheesecake. What a treat!
Garden with big banana plant, Chinese dragon and Buddha head. And a yoga deck on top.

Friday, July 20, 2012

pick your own

Good weather brings us outdoors. This is so far the worst summer of my life, weather wise. Picking strawberries in a good company is one of these special pleasures in life. But most of the strawberries are rotten. We stuff ourselves with half good ones half bad ones, and none of us feel very well afterwards.
Highly recommended half day trip with a week of prior good weather (impossible).

the hero of the season

If you ever go to City Farm in St Werburghs you must have noticed a perky cockerel. It is not just any cockerel, this one is a local hero. This is what it says on the fence.

Apparently as one of the farm volunteer (and I won't mention the name) told us this is a bit of a made up story for the kids to be happy and the parents to be entertained.
Right, so there was a fox in a chicken coop. He killed some hens and got the Cockerel by his mighty ars - I suppose in retreat. That's the whole story, boom.
Never believe what you are told. Questioning mind - a clever mind.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

bathroom window

We have been living in this house over a year now and I still wonder why oh why would people put on their ceiling lamp like that, cover their walls with wallpapers, and that choice of worktops and flooring! I think that's the reason I almost stopped writing food posts - not a single nice surface in the whole house.
It is time now to look at our bathroom window. A few days ago a climber plant blossomed outside, and suddenly at least this made sense. Was that the inspiration of the previous owner?