Thursday, March 24, 2011


Our compost went all wrong. It is slimy, it is stinky, it is soggy. We know why, we never put much dry matter in it. We have leaves just out of two little trees, and no grass cuttings at all. We tried adding some paper but as we do not read newspapers thats rather not enough too. Also our compost bin is a silly product - there is not enough ventilation in it.

So yesterday it was an apocalyptic day for millions of tiger worms, who we shovelled out of the bin and onto the beds in the direct sunlight. They hated it and so did we. It is impossible not to break their necks while moving them around.
I was never aware that they all come in so many sizes and forms. There were wiggly baby ones white and thin as a thread. There were noble pale pink ones up to 20cm long and about 8mm thick. There were millions of regular dark red ones. It was all moving and eating that slush. God bless them all.
Now, even though the weather is gorgeous, we sit inside with the door closed, the smell is unbelievable. I guess our neighbours hate us, fair enough. They'd better hate the City Council for selling bins that do not work.

OK, so here comes a picture (I made it on the preset Food Mode):

You'd better be grateful that I haven't posted a film here.

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