Thursday, August 11, 2011

potty training attempt no.1

My baby no.2 aged 18 months today is showing all the signs of potty training readiness. If she is ready I suppose I shall be too. Hey, not so easy, I'd prefer my Mum was here!
So today is a day two of pants-only and results of my best of all Gina Ford method are starting to show. Just before lunch there was wee wee twice on the potty and one poo, pea sized that was inspected, crushed and rubbed all over (I hope not tasted) before I've spotted it. I am not so proud of day one as it was all disaster with seven time changing pants and one big shit in the middle of the carpet. Not to mention wet desk chair, wet high chair, wet slide in the park and my sore throat just exhausted with explanation and begging (threatening too).
But there is no way back. She ignores the nappy and pulls it of. She loves her pants even wet. I suppose I should be happy and just wash them in peace - at least, at least she is not using nappies however biodegradable they are they cost a lot.
While she is progressing towards the potty, child no.1 is all excited about passing his potties to Baba and using the big loo.
All for the better, they say, but I just hoped my Mum was here!!!

For today's picture, forgive me no poo-on-the-carpet but lovely cake I made with blackberries that grow everywhere, just waiting to be picked. Nigel's recipe of course.

Do not use almonds, use hazelnuts! The original recipe says hazelnuts, so do so, better flavour and colour.

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