Thursday, August 4, 2011

the cat flap hunt III

Many people collect owls. I know at least three owl maniacs. Owls are trendy. They look good as a pattern or as a feature or as a toy.
My parents collect them too, maybe not for aesthetic reasons, but simply their surname means Owl. They get them from friends as a gift from faraway journeys. They have never bought a single one. So far I think they have 150 of unique better or worse, ugly or pretty, kitsch or designer ones. I found this owl on my usual weekly search-through-stuff in my local charity shop. I think it is in among the latter group, hard to say. I love the enamel, looks like handmade too.
Now will it end up in a garage in a box with other hundred? Probably, but couldn't resist the £1.50 tag.

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