Friday, June 15, 2012

holidays retrospective I

We have visited a toy museum. I don't remember having so much fun! Probably because all three generations of our family were together and we were all spotting our favourite old toys.

I would say those were my favourites.

And maybe this one.

The hen's Florian's fav.

This one was my mum's.

 Those two were my dad's, he even said he had this truck!

 Mine again - just think about it: it was all made of metal, real thing that ages beautifully.

This was nobody's favourite BUT because we all had it! Why would you like to play with a middle sized white poodle whose limbs wouldn't move? And those diabolic eyes.

 Olaf's best ever Bolek i Lolek.

A baby toy, a rattle? None of us could tell what this was all about. Plastic brown bear with rattling  button eyes. Hmmm... I owned a yellow one. I can't remember him being part of any adventures, maybe tea party though.

 An accordion cat.

 Best design rubber squeaking toys. Loved them.

I could go on like this forever. Guys, if you are nearby just go and find your childhood memories. How the world changed! What a cliche.

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