Tuesday, May 31, 2011

fresh pasta

Inspired by Cranks cookbook and forced by the circumstances (people for dinner) I made an effort and made my first pasta ever. It is hard work, but doing it in front of the public was motivating. So the book says you need an egg for each 100g of pasta flour. I used 5 eggs giving me the amount of pasta sufficient for two dinners. One batch I made into butternut squash mascarpone and spinach lasagna. The rest is still drying on my fantastic sideboard. For lasagna, it is easy and quick - just roll it thinly and cut into rectangles. The pappardele were more of a challenge. I used the support of the beautifully illustrated The Geometry of Pasta but I don't think I went as thin as 0.5mm, you need a pasta machine for that.
Good experience, 5 star lasagna and yes I'll do it again and again and again!


  1. Deppressing to read all of this... realised will never be a good cook ever!
    To put some balance to your kitchen-oriented posts here is a recipe for my dinner (eaten today): few leaves of ice-salad and sun-dried tomatoes in oil, eaten straight from the słoik, and all the oil drunk straight from it as well. Nie wiem, czemu odpisuję ci po angielsku i czy oil może być "drunk" from the słoik? Anyway - pozdro :-) A

  2. That is called deconstructed dining, well done! I oto pionier kuchni nowoczesnej na Kobaltowej:-)