Thursday, June 20, 2013

the swarm

I had some visitors today. Right outside our apartment, 2nd floor, city centre, 4pm. The swarm of bees.
They came from miles away I suppose and decided to settle right on my balcony. The cat loved the idea. So I got them all in: kids and cat, locked the door & window, borrowed the watering can, cardboard box, towel and skiing gloves and off I went.
I called some swarm emergency rescue and as directed by them I started spraying them with water and collecting into the box. (Did you know that Polish fireman kills bees if they are called for emergency like that?) Apparently that's not easy, as they were all a bit upset about their long journey. As I later found out, bees carry enough honey with them to keep them going for 3 days.
When the beekeeper arrived we were all relieved: me because the fireman won't get them, Flo: because the beekeeper was a nice fella, kids: because they were allowed outside & they could wear hats. And we got a big jar of honey :)
That's a little photo story shot with my phone - hence poor quality. Apologies for that.

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