Friday, June 10, 2011

food for the soul

It is so bad, so, so bad today that I made a comfort dinner. And if the misery persists I will have to cook more and eat more just to stay more or less content. So the recipe for success and kind of relaxed state is:

cornish pasty
- this is a local thing and a recipe is my 
own interpretation of what you can buy in bakeries.

2 onions
4 potatoes
2 carrots
some green leaf cabbage
(if you have some turnip - yes! 
any British veg would work here) 
2 quorn burgers 
(as a substitute for beef)
1 tbs english mustard
butter (a lot)

- made with lots of butter, flour, nutmeg, pepper and milk  

- ready-made or homemade shortcrust pastry

Fry the whole lot (chopped obviously) in a covered pan until done, add mustard at the end. Make the bechamel. Roll the pastry. Assemble. No need to pre-bake pastry as long as you roll your pastry really thinly. Bake 25 min in 200 degrees.
Eat not too soon as it can be runny when scorching hot. Serve with leaves and loads of coriander.

For gods sake this is a winter food! It is June and pissing rain.


  1. Oj tak. Zrób sobie takie, od raz się lepiej poczujesz, choć u was pewnie lato.