Thursday, March 22, 2012

go for it II

Couldn't resist to publish this one too. Paddy's day - day two.

paddy's day 2012

The Irish team.

Not in a pub yet!

Choosing the flag for the parade.

No wonder it is Wicklow's!

Bristolian touch.

Pints and craic.

Go for it!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

football mornings

This we-are-all-winners policy makes really sense. Especially if you are the grumpiest boy in a team.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

praising ł

This little girl is full of surprises. I never tend to be proud of my kids nor I find them exceptionally clever but it looks like she caught us. Not only is she potty trained for over eight months (abandoning her nappy at the age of 18 months), she feeds herself (Olaf still doesn't), she talks full sentences (not much of a difference to Olaf's speech abilities), she can count (to 10 in Polish and English), she can sing (Jingle Bells still a No1), she can dance, and now, now she abandoned her beloved Didi for a better cause of being a big and independent girl. The fairy came at night leaving little present for a brave little girl and a big brother of a little girl (why, oh why?). Since then Didi wasn't mention and life is a bit easier for all of us.
Fair play t'ya Łusia! Bravo, bravo, bravissimo!

Butterfly fairy cakes for the little genius:

Sunday, March 4, 2012

eating out II

Kino is a vegetarian cafe run and owned by non profit co-op and volunteers. We were lucky to eat our dinner there last Saturday. Food was lovely and slow. Everything was vegan and vegetarian, meaning it is free from meat, dairy, eggs and honey. Nearly all the ingredients they use are organic, fair-trade and locally sourced. 
The co-eaters looked pretty amazing and it was such a treat just to sit and watch them all having normal and pretty cool life

Very New York experience or should I rather say Stokes Croft experience? 
Thanks to Norah and Owen for showing us around.

eating out not always fun. The kids never appreciate good food, what is more they have a slight tendency to love what is bad for them. But it is not fun for us to eat fish&chips wherever we go. But wait we found a solution! Zaza Baazar is an indoor street food style restaurant. You have choices of numerous cuisines to keep everyone happy. So while they go for GB Classic we can feast Thai, Indian or Middle East. Or all of them.